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Sunday, 20 October, 2019

About Us

Aims & Objectives

Main School Aim: High Achievement for All

Our aims and objectives are derived from our vision "High Achievement for All". The School will actively improve its Students, Parents, teaching and support Staff, Board of Governors and wider communityin providing a challenging curriculum and a caring environment which develops the academic, technological, creative and social skill of all its Students.

It will seek to cultivate a partnership in people with different roles and work towards a common goal of achievement for all.



Other Aims

To work together to create a caring and pleasant School in which all Students and Staff:

  1. Respect the equal right of one another
  2. Help, encourage and support one another
  3. Value the great efforts or achievements of one another.

We also aim at

  • Integral development of both individual students of the world at large
  • Growth in uniqueness of every person
  • Commiment to a life of service
  • We promote growth in spiritual life
  • We insist on the pursuit of excellence
  • We work in partnership with every sector of the educational community
  • We insist on ongoing eveluation and adaptation

School Objectives

  • To give opportunity to everyone to be educated
  • To enable the young ones develop their individual talents to the maximum and become well-founded persons
  • To implement in a dedicated way, the Nigerian National Policy on Education (NPE)
  • To train youth to become leaders on National and Institutional Level, by attending to moral integrity, a commitment to justice and becoming "men and women for others" growth in responsible use of freedom and applying ethical approaches to institutions
  • To provide an opportunity for qualified young people of all classes and backgrounds to develop into a united community

Other Objectives

  • Needs-informed CURRICULUM
  • Clear, accessible objectives
  • Challenging content
  • Active learning method.

  1. Teachers sharing good practice, resources and supporting one another.
  2. Equal opportunities under theory and practice.
  3. Record-keeping that facilitates learning - including formative assessments.
  4. Discipline - clear, fair and consistent; professional rather than emotional.
  5. Pastoral care involving all Staff; interest in the destination of Students.
  6. Student's involvement in curriculum and in decision-making policies.
  7. Curriculum links, including coherence and continuity, cross-curricular, Primary/Secondary.
  8. Parental involvement.
  9. Close links with community, including the industrial community.
  10. To be DYNAMIC and pursue our objectives vigorously.
    - PARTNERS united in a common purpose
    - SHARING duties, responsibilities etc.
  11. To identify and attend to individual and collective weaknesses.


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