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Sunday, 20 October, 2019

About Us


The fine school building and extensive grounds are safe and secure but not cut off from the world. Community involvement both within and outside the school complement the pursuit of academic excellence to help provide a education; one which includes development of social skills consideration for others.

The boarding house is a friendly home away from home. There are always things to do from sporting activities, trips, reading and all to learn about organization and team building skills. The choice of food is excellent.

The School is absolutely up to date with impressive facilities in a wonderful location and genuine support and encouragement for everyone here.


All the College laboratories are school purpose built for all sciences which includes Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Integrated Science, Fine/Creative Arts, Introductory Technology, Music and Drama, and Home Economics. The library is manage by a full time librarian and is exceptionally well stocked with books, newspapers, periodicals and latest computer technology for access to information on the internet and via CD-ROM outside classroom. Clubs and societies provide informal opportunities to learn more.

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