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Admission Procedure

Admission into Danbo international college is be based on the entrance examination outcome and available vacancies. Entrance examinations to Danbo international college takes place in different zones and at different dates as advertised.

Procedure into JSS1

  1. All prospective candidates must obtain the Admission form from the published centres outside Kaduna state, from the school or online.
  2. Such candidate[s] must write and pass the entrance examination which consist of the following,
    • English
    • Mathematics
    • General paper
    • Oral interview/ICT

The following shall be accompanied with the Admission form,

  • Proof of eligibility, i.e. primary leaving certificate

Note: Recommendation for pupils coming from Primary 5

  • Birth certificate. (The child must not be few days to 10 years or would have to wait).
  • Medical certificate.

Transfer Students

Admission into various classes shall be based on available vacancies. There is no admission into JSS3 and SS3.

Transfer children must come to the school to write the entrance examination. Transfer examination is not conducted outside Kaduna .


  1. Prospective candidates must obtain admission form either from the school, through zonal agent or online.
  2. Prospective candidates must call to book for a placement test day or the date available online.
  3. Prospective candidates must pass the placement test.

The prospective candidates would be tested on the following


English, Mathematics, General Paper and oral interview.


English, Mathematics, General Sciences/general paper, oral English and one other subject that is related to the course of study of the candidates. 

     D.  Prospective candidates must accompany their form with the following.

    • Last statement of result
    • Transfer certificate
    • Birth certificate.

Note: All candidates student would write an undertaking to be of good behaviour.

Click here to fill an online admission form.

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