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School Uniform

The school uniform comprises of trouser/skirt, short sleeve shirt/ blouse with jackets for the Junior Secondary School students and trouser/skirt with long sleeve shirts with a tie for Senior Secondary School students.

Badge: identification badge must be worn at all times.

School blazer/ hats: are compulsory for all students especially during school outings and on Mondays.


Sports Wear

Students are shared into different houses and on sports day they are expected to wear shorts/skirts with t-shirts of their house colour and trainers.

Hostel Wear

The hostel wear for boys is made up of a trouser and a shirt while the girls have the choice of a trouser with a long blouse or a long dress in their house colour.

Service Wear

Service wear are white gowns for the girls and the boys have white trousers/shirts or kaftans

School Shoes

School shoes are black low-heel shoes for boys and black low-heel shoes with strap for girls.

Jewellery and Accessories

Wristwatch and simple stud earrings for girls and for boys just a wristwatch

School Bags

A carry on bag for student's daily equipments to school

Note : All the school uniforms, sportswear, blazers, hats, house wear and shoes are available in the school for purchase
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