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Students Code of Conduct

We wish to ensure that everyone contributes towards making the College a pleasant place in which to teach and learn

  1. Students are expected to behave in a considerate and courteous manner at all times, as members of the college
  2. Students are expected to show respect to all members of staff, visitors to the College and to each other regardless of age or class.
  3. Bullying in any form is unacceptable at the College. Bullying is the intent to hurt or dominate another person by physical or verbal intimidation and also by exclusion or threatening gesture. Allegation of bullying will always be taken seriously; it may attract severe punishment or expulsion.
  4. Punctuality is expected from all students,
    • For registration
    • For lessons
    • For handing in projects, homework and assignments
    • For returning on holiday
    • For headcount and roll calls

    Regular attendance is also required at all lessons throughout the college year; violation of any of the above will always be taken seriously

  5. The College is a non-smoking area, it is unacceptable for students to smoke or drink alcohol, or to be in possession of illegal drugs on the College site or anywhere in School uniform.
  6. Chewing gum is not allowed anywhere in the School.
  7. Food is only to be consumed in the dining room or other designated areas. Litters must be disposed off properly in the bins provided in the school. Students violating these rules will have their food seized, thrown away and still get punished.
  8. All students are expected to have respect for the Schools property and College environment. These include care for furniture, books, and respect for display work and notices.
  9. The College expects the highest standard in language and behaviour, Students are to speak only in English.
  10. Verbal abuse of any kind including bad language or shouting is unacceptable in the College.
  11. Stealing of any form is not accepted.
  12. Students are not allowed with cash in the school, all pocket money should be in value card to what parents consider reasonable.
  13. Examination malpractices shall not be tolerated.
  14. All students must participate in all school activities or otherwise have exceptional notes from the principal
  15. Cell phones, laptops, computer games, MP3, playstation etc. are not allowed in the hostel or school by students. If this is violated, the equipment will be confiscated and not returned to the owner.

Note : Student may face corporal punishment and some of these offences may also lead to the suspension or expulsion of students from the school.

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