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Danbo International College Curriculum Policy

Through, the National Curriculum and the National Policy on education, we aim to create an environment in which achievement is a prime factor. The college curriculum is accessible, inclusive, challenging and flexible with electronic learning. We also aim to enable students to pursue individual learning routes appropriate to their special need where possible at each level of their education.


Danbo International College Curriculum will be subject to revision from time to time in order to accommodate the needs of the students in the context of the Nigerian Society.

Responsiveness to our needs as an international School with a view to cover and excel in external examination such as London Cambridge examination in O'Level - GCE, SAT and TOEFL, it is a curriculum for the 21 st century blending the best of academic and vocational elements.

We offer a wide range of activities and subjects at the junior and senior Secondary School level. The subject include English language, Literature in English, Social Studies Basic Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Basic Technology, technical Drawing, Fine Art, personal social health and citizenship education, history, Geography, Christian Religious Studies, Islamic Religious Studies, Music, French, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Home Economics, Foods and Nutrition, Commerce, Economics, Government, Business Studies and Information Communication Technology (ICT) , Enrichment activities and leading skills.


Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education (PSCHE) is another significant aspect of Danbo International College Curriculum. It stem from our aim to foster an understanding of individual strengths and weakness which affect all our lives. The lesson is taken by Form Tutors and this subject will help students develop their study skills for school as well as other skills that will help them through life PSHE is a broad subject.

At both the junior ad secondary school stages enrichment activities are provided in a compulsory programme to broaden and enhance learning experience. Careers education is integral to all areas of the Curriculum with work experience placement for all senior students.

A) Junior Secondary School Education

B) Senior Secondary School Education

C) Extension Classes

D) Extra Curriculum Activities

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