Sunday, 20 October, 2019


Open Day/Consultation Evening

Open day is a day set aside for the parents and guardian to visit and get familiar with the school and their children's work.


  • Developing good relationship with parents.
  • To get to know their wards form tutor and subject tutors.
  • To be able to inspect wards work assignment and conduct in the school.
  • To be able to contribute towards the progress of the school.
  • To check wards peer group

Open day/evening is conducted once every term. It may be on the visiting day for boarder's parents or a day considered appropriate by the school. Parents will be communicated to, through newsletter, e-mails, and notice board in the school of the day.

Parents will be made to sign the wards class comment register and also the school's open day attendants register.

Parents are welcome at anytime but for teaching time not to be lost, appointments with teachers on any matters should be made for after school hours.

We are readily available for informal talks; the principal will always make time to discuss any issue that may arise with you at anytime.

Please note that your visit to the school's events gives your child [whatever the age/class] pride, confidence and cautious at all time.

We look forward to your visit.
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