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Wednesday, 13 November, 2019

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- Mon, Jul 29, 2019 (FIRST Term, 2019/2020)



Esteemed Parents,

We sincerely want to use this medium to appreciate you for your continuous support towards the school and our programmes this session.

Special appreciations go the parents’ teachers association (PTA) Executive for their role and collaboration effort in ensuring that parents, teachers and students are happy in school.

We dedicate all our success and achievement to you our esteemed parents and give gratitude to the Almighty God for helping us throughout 2018/2019 academic year.

Below are some of the achievements recorded in this academic year 2018/2019 session.

1.       2002/2003 set reunion lunch and the firs t of its kind on Saturday 12th January, 2019.   

2.       Speech and Prize Giving Day held on 3rd October, 2018.   The Guest Speaker – Prof. Abdullah Abba spoke on the theme: “Going above and Beyond Mediocrity”.

3.       World Teacher Day was marked on the 5th October, 2018 and it was an opportunity to say “thank you” to our teachers.

4.       Successful college and university fair

5.       Extension for the exam classes, early morning class and Saturday classes (JSS3 and SS3) respectively.

6.       The school had her honours assembly on 13th February, 2019 where the first ten (10) students from each year group were honoured.

7.       Danbo Mock World Cup and Mock championship respectively.  

8.       Successful International Examination (IELTS, SAT) and National examinations (WAEC, NECO, BECE and ERC).

9.       Successful SS2 Project Defense

10.     Children/Traditional Day Celebration tagged “Our Culture”

11.     Manifesto, selection and inauguration of 2019/2020 student leadership (prefect) 

12.     JSS3 citizenship

13.     SS3 retreat at 5th Chukker (Polo House) Maraban Jos

14.     2018/2019 set graduation

15.     Third term (promotion) examination



We wish to congratulate parents of SS3 students Class of 2019 (Uncommon Mavericks) whose wards just graduated. It is our prayer as a school that the skills we impressed upon them will help them makes choices that will guide them to reach their full potential. We sincerely appreciate our esteemed parents for your support to have a successful graduation ceremony.



Mr. Oshosanya Writing Competition

The annual writing competition sponsored by a philanthropist / one  of our parent  (Mr. Oshosanya Adegbenga) took place also this year and three students emerged winners.   They received cash awards and plaques.    

i.        First position:         Odunola Kolapo Al-Amin (40,000)

ii.       Second position:     Maryann Oshosanya (25,000)

iii.      Third position:        Daniel Onyibe (15,000)

This competition is aimed at improving essay writing skills among students in the school. Our door is open for parents to sponsor other categories of competition in the school.                    



We had our SS2 Project Defense this term. Students in SS2 were given project topics to research on and defend it. We had the preliminary stage where only 10 students were shortlisted for the finals. The final was held on Saturday 15th June, 2019 and three students emerged winners.

i.        First position:         Maryam Mayowa Babalola

ii.       Second position:     Harry Awonuga

iii.      Third position:        Funke Ajibaye



We are proud as a school to announce that 98% of our students scored above 200 in Jamb. We encourage parents of SS2 students to buy past question and answer papers for their wards to practice. The school as part of her preparatory session bought JAMB past question papers software for students to practice.




The booklist for 2019/2020 session is enclosed in the students result pack. Please, go through them, buy them and very importantly take advantage of our summer school to further prepare your ward(s) for next academic session.  



Our students that registered for the examination wrote   the examination on the 26th, 28th and 30th June, 2019 respectively. We are optimistic that the students will perform excellently.



Our students participated in all the national examinations: WAEC, NECO (SSCE), BECE and ERC (JSS3), just like   other years and we are optimistic that the result will be out by August and hoping they will do well.



The school will be having her summer lesson from 29th July – 23rd August, 2019.  The fee is affordable (18,500.00), as so many skills and activities have been put in place to benefit the students.



Admission opportunity still exists. Students that have written our entrance examination have been placed already. The next entrance exam dates are as follows:

-        20th July, 2019

-        3rd August, 2019

-        24th August, 2019

-        31st August, 2019

Prospective parents should come to the school or call 07030074588 for more enquires.


Students training

Students were exposed to different seminars and training this term. Some of them are:      

1.       Training on reading skills

2.       Seminar on positive self esteem

3.       Principal’s Monday Assembly

4.       Seminar on personal hygiene

5.       Training on target setting

6.       Training on skills required in and out of school

7.       SS3 life skill training at fifth chukker

8.       Citizenship and leadership training at Savannah School, Kudan; Kaduna State.



Our JSS3 students embarked on the curricular based leading   training in Kudan. The students were exposed to:   

a.       Ways to handle obstacles and conquer fear

b.       Self esteem building techniques/activities

c.       Public speaking skills (good communication/self expression)

d.       Resilience

e.       Team work

f.        Good grooming

g.       Risk taking

h.       Critical thinking and problem solving skill

i.        First and skills

Added to all the above were early morning exercise and home grooming cores. The students that attended were all certified and badged.



The SS2 students will be embarking on a leadership training trip to Kenya this July, on the 22nd – 31st July, 2019.



All Muslim / boarding students are encouraged to pay the Islamiyya fee is N15,000.00 naira only which is  payable to  the school account. We encourage those will outstanding fee to please offset them.  


Information to parents:

1.       Come next term, SS3 students will be having a 10days retreat. The retreat will afford us the time to talk to the students about the expectation in the forthcoming WAEC, and other external examination. They will be exposed to the marking schemes of these examination and the techniques involved at having excellent result.

2.       We had a successful music festival and 2 018/2019 set graduation ceremony (the uncommon mavericks). We want to also appreciate our esteemed parents for supporting us a t these programme.

3.       We organized a Pre-SS1 class for our JSS3 students. Subject like English language, mathematics, government, physics, chemistry, biology and career guidance were given to expose them to SS1 work and prepare their minds for the work they will see in SS1.

4.       Students are not allowed to use any form of electronic item (e.g. phone, Ipad, Ipod, tablets, laptops etc) if found such item(s) will be confiscated.  

i. Parents should please take their wards out for routine medical checkup during the break and avail us of information if necessary.

ii. Boarding students are expected to submit after prep tea (APT) items to the hostel kitchen on resumption: 2milo, 2milk, 2 packets of sugar and 5 digestive biscuits.

iii. Parents are encouraged to inscribe the names of their ward(s) on their personal belongings.  

iv. Drugs prescribed by a doctor should be attached with a doctor’s prescription sheet for proper documentation and administration.

v. Assorted cloths other than the school approved house wear will be allowed into the hostel.  



We want to use this medium to thank our esteemed parents for providing for our students. Please, note that we will appreciate it if full payment of school fee is made upon resumption in September. However, if any parent is taking advantage of the payment plan such parent is expected to do so before resumption. Payment plan will only be honoured if discussed with the Principal.

All fees should be paid to:

Bank Name:            First City Monument Bank (FCMB)

Account Name:       Danbo International School

Account Number:    0640513011



To our Muslim Ummah, we wish you Eid-el-kabir in advance.




Summer School

29th July – 23rd August, 2019


Staff resumption

3rd Sept., 2019


Academic meeting/planning

3rd – 6th Sept., 2019


New & old Students Resumption for boarders

7th Sept., 2019


General resumption/classes resume

9th Sept., 2019


General Orientation

13th Sept., 2019


Vocational department week

30th Sept., - 4th Oct., 2019


Independence Day

1st October, 2019


Speech and Prize Giving Day

2nd October, 2019


Visiting Day

5th October, 2019


Social Science Department week

7th – 11th October, 2019


World Teacher’s Day

10th October, 2019


International Day of the Girl Child