Monday, 09 December, 2019

Our Curriculum
Assessment, Recording & Reporting | Extra-Curricular Activities

Assessment, Recording and Reporting

Teachers work had to plan interesting and appropriate lessons. Every teacher keeps continuous records on each child’s academic progress and achievement throughout their school life. These regular assessment helps to provide information that is formative (that is helps to decide whether learning objectives are being reached and to plan the child’s next learning step), diagnostic (that is helps to detect specific strengths and weaknesses) and summative(that is provides us with a summary statement of achievement). The efforts and progress each child makes in each curriculum area are recorded on effort sheets which are sent home each mid-term.

Home Work

Home work is given to reinforce the curriculum, support specifics areas of learning and to prepare the children for the next stage of their education. A home work scheme is in place and all classes receive home work on a regular basis. Parents should be aware of the home work of their children and they are advised to check the child’s work and ensure it is completed.

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