Monday, 09 December, 2019

Our Curriculum
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We aim to provide a curriculum that is broad, balanced and differentiated to allow all children develop to their full potentials. Throughout the curriculum, students are encouraged to have an understanding of themselves and the world, enable them become self-confident young people and develop skills in a setting which is both structured and caring.

We shall provide access to a broad balanced and relevant curriculum with a wide range of learning experiences. We also recognize the need to offer specialized educational work depending on the identified need of the pupils/students. Students shall progress from one class to another through the range of accredited work they undertake. Some of the students will be encouraged to write JSCE and external SSCE at their own readiness as at when they are ready.

Our curriculum is made up of the following:

  • Communication
  • Literacy (English)
  • Numbering (Mathematics)
  • Personal/Social and Health Education (PSHE)
  • I. C. T.
  • Science
  • Design and Technology
  • Music
  • Creative Art
  • Physical Education
  • History
  • Geography
  • Social Studies
  • Business Studies
  • Introductory Technology
  • Quantitative and verbal reasoning
  • Agriculture
  • Home Economics
  • Religion
  • Government/History
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