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Concerns and Reports

We believe that education is a partnership between school and family; parents and guardians are kept informed of their children’s progress by formal and informal methods such as school reports, fortnightly newsletter/termly newsletter, open days, school entertainment and social events.


Good behaviour is essential if children are to benefit from the quality of education at Danbo and we believe this is a shared commitment between home and school.

Discipline is firm but fair. We expect children to behave sensibly and politely and to show due care and consideration towards each other. We have high expectation of our children, we praise and reward them consistently. Where behaviour is a cause for concern, parents will be informed and invited to the school to discuss how these concerns can be resolved.

Attendance Policy

Parents are responsible for ensuring that children attend school regularly. We consider regular attendance of prime importance. Irregular attendance undermines the educational provision and leads to educational disadvantage. The school should be advised of the reason as soon as possible either by letter or by telephone when a child is absent from school. Any absences without a satisfactory explanation are recorded as unauthorized.


A child arriving late may seriously disrupt not only his/her continuity of learning but also that of others. Children who are late are monitored and letter sent home.

Child’s Equipment

Pupils are supplied with list of essential equipments once the admission of the child is finalized. School fees are paid to the school’s designated bank ahead of each term and bank tellers are brought to school to obtain school official receipt.


All uniforms including sport wears are supplied by the school for a fee.


There is a bookshop in the school for the child’s needs.

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