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Monday, 09 December, 2019

About Us

The Creche

The crèche is a division of the nursery school which can also be called a day care where babies are kept and made to feel secured when their mother have to return to work after their maternities leave.

The Environment:

  • Homely with comfortable bed and play area
  • Brightly decorated with lots of colorful toys
  • Each baby is provided with his/her own cot and locker for their belongings.
  • Play pens are provided and lots of safe toys
  • Potty trainer, dinning tables and chairs
  • TV viewing area.


The Staff:

  • The staff ratio to the children is 1 to 5.
  • The staff are all friendly happy individuals who genuinely enjoy working with babies.
  • The sub head at the crèche is paramedic.

The Routine:

  • A normal day starts from 6.45am to 6pm Monday to Friday.
  • Special arrangements are made for weekend and late collection of children.
  • Feeding, sleeping, playing, and taking out for a walk, watching TV and music are our major activities. .


  • You are allowed to call into the school for updates on your baby.
  • Babies are regularly given cuddles to ensure that they are feeling secured and safe after your departure.
  • You are also given an update about your child on a daily basis.
  • Babies move up to the toddler class from the age of 18months, but before then they are gradually introduced to the toddler class/play group class.
  • Babies can join the crèche from the age of 6 weeks old.

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