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Monday, 09 December, 2019

About Us


This group is a class that introduces babies into a school routine.

The Environment:

  • Provides a wide collection of opportunities for toddlers to explore, investigate and learn in a safe stimulating place.
  • Encourages toddlers to paint draw and engage in a wide range of creative activities.
  • Promotes independent learning, social skills and personal development.
  • There are opportunities to rest if necessary and children can have a nape on comfortable beds.
  • Takes account of the physical developmental needs of a toddler through the use of indoor and outdoor environment.


  • The staff work closely together with parents to support and care for the individual child's need.
  • The staff are experienced with the variety of skills and qualification to meet the needs of toddlers


The routine:

  • The day is structured but flexible for indoor and outdoor experience.
  • The routine encourages children to socialize with others.
  • They learn and do most of their activities in small groups.


  • You are given a daily update about your child
  • You can call into the school to get an update on your child.

Babies register into this class from the age of 18months or otherwise the child must have proven capability while in crèche.

The day in toddler class begins at 7.45am till 12.30pm, except if they are registered for the full time school.

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