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Monday, 09 December, 2019

About Us

The Nursery School

Our facilities are conveniently located within reach and in most cases walking distance of immediate residential area of Kaduna South GRA and industrial area of Kaduna South, so that dropping off and collecting of children can become part of a daily routine.

We are open from 6.30 t0 6pm Monday to Friday. We have 3 divisions in the nursery school, which are crèche, playgroup and pre-school. Our crèche admits from the age of six weeks old. Play group/toddler class are for children of ages from 18 months and their school section is from 7.30am to 12.30 pm. The pre-school is the kindergarten and reception which begins at 7.30 to 12.30pm and this for children of ages 3-5years.

Danbo International School has balanced approaches to early education with a curriculum that combines the teaching of basic letters, numerracy literacy with play and interaction between children.

Danbo is an independent approved nursery school and a rated A school class. The school is also subjected to routine inspection by the federal ministry of education and other related agencies.

Danbo International School plan each term school activities and as such are in school 3 terms in a year. All government gazette holidays are observed but the crèche and part time playgroup/toddler class are in school throughout the year except on Government Gazette Holidays and weekends.

Danbo International Nursery School is a full time day school with all the early education departments (Crèche, Play Group and Pre-School). As one of the earliest private nursery schools in Kaduna we have benefited from having had the time in which to discover the most effective way of teaching and caring for young nursery children.

We have continued to improve and refine the way we run the school. We have improved our facilities every year and have become more and more uncompromising in our pursuit of excellence.

We believe that one of the most important things we do at Danbo International School is to develop children's self confidence both socially and educationally. We do this by providing a happy and cheerful environment and varied time tables that children enjoy; making their day "fun" this gives them enthusiasm for learning.

At Danbo International Nursery School , we understand the needs, expectations aspiration and anxieties of parents. We recognize that parent's desire for quality, which we aspire to.

We are careful with staff selection. We work with well-qualified teachers with excellent references, and of course they must have a natural way with children and be approachable towards parents. We continually train, mentor and support our staff. The low staff turnover makes for a happy school and provides the stability that is essential for both the children and parents alike.

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