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Sunday, 20 October, 2019


Choosing Right

What to Look For

Key question you should ask about child care in a school. Choosing someone to care for your child is an important and often difficult decision. Here are some questions to help you make the right choice.

About the School

  • What are the opening times?
  • What age range do they take?
  • At what time can a child be admitted?
  • Has your child's security been properly considered?
  • Is access to the facility properly controlled?
  • How clean are the classrooms, toilets, and play area?
  • Whether we have health and safety polices in relation to fires and first aid?
  • Whether we have parking facilities?

About Their Staff

  • Who is in charge?
  • What experience and qualification does they have?
  • Who will be personally responsible for your child progress?
  • What is the ratio of staff to children?
  • How many of the staff is qualified in first aid?
  • What happens in case of illness or emergency?

The Care Provided

  • What is the procedure for settling in the new children?
  • Do the display equipments provide challenging and stimulating environment.
  • Will there be a planned progression of activities and skills throughout the year or primarily just play?
  • What are the policies on discipline?
  • How do you feel about them?
  • Have the children been taught to behave towards others in a thoughtful and considerate way?

Your Needs

  • Are parents encouraged to visit the school and remain involved with their children's development?
  • How are you kept informed of your children's progress, activities and developments?

Observation When You Visit The Nursery

  • Do the children look happy and relaxed?
  • Are they interested in what they are doing?
  • Are members of staff focused on the needs of the children or are they challenging to each other?
  • Is the building clean and pleasant?
  • Are the toys clean and fairly new or worn out or dirty?
  • Do children use the outdoor facility regularly?
  • Are there open air play activities?

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