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Sunday, 20 October, 2019


Learning Through Play

Most children should achieve the early learning goals in the foundation stage and by the end of the pre-school year. However, a number of our children achieve the same goals by the time they leave. Our long term objectives are to prepare the children to be able to read simple text, write simple sentences under pictures and write numerical data correctly by the time they have completed their first year at pre-school.

Our close observation of the children is accurate ability and the individual record keeping helps to monitor each child's progress and provide an appropriate program of play and activities for your child's needs. We do provide extra help for children, who may need it and provide new challenges for those who have already reached their goals

Early learning goals for these groups includes:

  • Being sensitive to the needs and feeling of others.
  • Dress and undressing on their own
  • Being able to handle and read books correctly.
  • Understanding the concept of a word.
  • Experimenting and experiencing numbers
  • Understanding their own writing as a means of communication
  • Knowing how simple objects work.
  • Distinguishing between sea and land.
  • Using vocabulary associated with the passing of time- such as tomorrow, last week, a long time ago
  • Having an awareness of the cultures and believes of others
  • Jumping and landing safely from low apparatus.
  • Playing and singing a steady rhythm


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