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Sunday, 20 October, 2019


Typical Day Activities

We welcome the children as they arrive and encourage them in various settling activities such as dancing, assembly, games, jigsaws, home corner, dressing up, sand and water.

The children have a chance to take part in speaking and listening activities to help them develop their social skills. The children have their mid meal snacks.

We go into the garden with the children for outside activities. We explain to the children what they will be doing throughout the day and what they will learn.

We interact and help the children as they take part in play activities, including practical easy mathematics, pre-reading skills and science. We learn rhymes, songs and music. Children take part in practical activities in order to develop their creative skills and their understanding of the world. We work with children and help to stretch their imagination with creative activities, stories and singing.

At the concluding session of the day, we give children opportunities to encourage independence as well as personal and social development.

As parents arrive, we hand to them informal feed back on their children activities during the day.

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