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Sunday, 20 October, 2019


Weekly Activities

All areas of the curriculum are covered by our everyday activities, often with a particular focus on one of them. We recognize that young children do not learn in tidy subjects, so we believe that the most effective way of learning is through a topic. Each topic is carefully planned to cover the six areas of learning in order to meet the requirement of the learning goals.

Throughout the year, activities are linked with special days such as Christmas, Easter, Mothering day. We also celebrate festivals from other countries and cultures such as the Chinese New Year. This gives the children an opportunity to learn about other cultures and even cook the food they eat. Close observation and knowledge of the children means that we can tailor activities to meet the specific needs of individual child.

Typical activities during a week leading up to Christmas might include;

  • Writing letter to Father Christmas
  • Making Christmas books
  • Counting the days to Christmas on a advent calendar
  • Learning Christmas song.
  • Making Christmas tree and wreaths
  • Acting out the Christmas story.
  • Reading stories like snowman or Paddington Christmas[Christmas novels]

Daily topics related are chosen from the wide resources available in our pre-school;

  • Sand and water
  • Imaginary play
  • Art and craft
  • Construction building
  • Outdoor play
  • Small world Toys
  • Music &movement
  • Moths
  • Science and Technology
  • Writing
  • Cooking
  • Painting
  • Physical Education
  • Swimming Excursion
  • Visit Puppet show and Television Picnics

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