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Monday, 09 December, 2019


Supporting Development

Activities you can do with your child at home to support their development and learning.


Ideally the activities should be designed to stimulate any one of the six main areas of development;

  1. Sensory - jelly play, balloons, poster, and water play.
  2. Fine manipulative- woodblock, books[ turning pages] rattles and shakers.
  3. Creative - glitter picture, collage picture, finger painting.
  4. Intellectual - soft puppet, looking in the mirror, taking the child for a walk.
  5. Physical- digging in the sand, splashing water, out door play
  6. Languages- listen to a story, sing song rhymes ,interactive books.


  • Build a den
  • Read with your child and tell them stories
  • Play outside kicking and throwing of ball
  • Practice pointing to and describing part of the body.
  • When talking to your child do not confuse them with baby talk, e.g. Don't name an animal by the noise it makes- point at a picture of a cow and say cow rather than moo
  • Make musical instrument from boxes bottles and foodstuff thins
  • Fruit and vegetable printing
  • Eat together as a family regularly.

Nursery and Pre-School

  • Children love cooking, try simple recipes-rice, crispy, cakes, gingerbread people
  • Make cards for family and friends birthdays.
  • Build a den.
  • Make musical instrument from boxes ,bottles and food stuff e.g. putting dried pulses into a washing up liquid bottles.
  • Make scrapbook about your child include photograph, postcards and birthday cards.
  • Children love role-play especially if it involves dressing up.

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