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Sunday, 20 October, 2019

School Curriculum

Curriculum Aims


Literacy combines the importance of reading and writing while speaking and listening are also essential parts of the literacy frame work. These skills are taught on a daily basis using a variety of interactive methods at word, sentence and text level to ensure a solid foundation in literacy and a happy transition into the world of reading and writing.



Our Arithemetical and mathematical structing is based on practical experience together with practice of the skills usually taught in components like geometry mental and worded problems settings is understaken in grade 4-6 as this lessons. The children are introduced to a range of mathematical concepts, learning through problem solving, investigative and practical situation. Mental maths practice is also part of the daily mathematics lesson. A variety of teaching methods are used to develop mathematical skills.


A positive attitude is fostered towards science. The world of living things, materials and physical processes is introduced and children's ideas are built upon. The children are encouraged to discover fascinating scientific facts through hands on investigation in and out of the classroom. Their scientific ideas are communicated through drawings, diagrams, tables, information technology, speech and writing.


Information and Communication Technology

The children use the computers stocked in the computer lab several times each week. Children experience a variety of programs that develop mouse control and children to communicate and express ideas in colours, texture and design. Data base programs allow children to store, classify, sort and retrieve data display it in different ways. Word processor assists children with the writing process, enhances their abilities and makes for editing and redrafting. Children learn about computer control at a simple level; switching a tape recorder on, using a TV remote control, video and photocopies and learning to program a floor turtle (robot).

Digital cameras are available to record information; CD ROMs and internet are used under supervision. Children interactive stories support development. Children are allowed to explore and provide valuable modelling. In ICT, children are given the opportunity to learn through a cross-curriculum approved activities and working in partnership.


Design Technology

Children are given opportunities to explore a variety of materials including card, clay, wood, plastering, fabrics, food and paper. They generate design for a specific purpose, review and modify, creating a product. They evaluate work completed. They create models from a variety of constructions and make models of their own design from card, paper, wood etc.


Geography is taught through studies of the immediate surroundings and local area. Children explore various aspects of human and physical geography and enjoy the works and field trips that form part of their learning. Children learn about the natural world, seasonal changes, effect of weather and relate activities to shopping, transport, work and leisure to specific places.



Our aim is to engender an enthusiastic interest in history through a wide variety of learning activities. The children participate in many exciting projects, enriched by visits to historical sites, educational workshops and films.


Art and Craft

We provide a superb creative environment for the children. A wide variety of twenty-first centuary trends in artistic technologies and creative endeavours is taught in the art studio, including painting, pottery, moulding, illustrations, designs, batik and 3D Animations. The results fills the school with vibrant displays that provides visual appeal for visitors.


Physical Education/Dance

These activities are enjoyed by all; we visit Danbo international college for our swimming lesson. Inter house sports day are held once a year, it is a highlight on the school calendar and internal sports competition are done every term. All the pupils take an active part so they can develop and attain their full potential.


Home Economics

Home Economics is about managing a home, cooking and baking. Children are exposed to managing a home balanced diet, preparing foods and beverages.


Social Studies

This deals with cultural studies, government and citizenship. Children are introduced to and acquainted with events as it unfolds in this immediate society.


Health Education

Teachers deal with children's' questions about the physical differences between sexes and about human reproduction factor, cleanness, health factors etc.



Music is an important part of the school's everyday life. The curriculum aims to provide a program of study, which will extend pupils' enjoyment and responses to music through the activities of listening, performing and composing. They are expected to sing and be able to use percussion instruments.



Drama is an integral aspect of the school curriculum with children taking part in role-play, drama, games and opportunities for performing in class assemblies, festivals and full drama promotions.


Hand Writing

Children learn to write by regularly practicing writing. They are all taught the correct formations of letters with more formal writing lesson and will usually write in a cursive style.


Home Work

All children are given reinforcement work to take home on what has been taught at school. In some cases they may be asked to carry out some other literacy and numeric based activities, or an investigation to further explore a current topic. A home/school diary is kept to ensure good communication between children, staff and parent.



Religious instructions are given in accordance with the syllabus and requirements of Federal Ministry of Education. Religions of Christianity and Islam are non-denomination. We want children to develop an understanding of the nature of their religious believes and practices and to acknowledge the importance.

Health, Social and Citizenship Education
We have a comprehensive policy that provide for very good teaching of personal social citizenship and health education in a structured manner. Other opportunities are provided to reinforce personal and social developments to develop self esteem and to encourage pupils to take responsibility. The commitment of whole school staff to PSHCE is strength of the school.

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