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Monday, 09 December, 2019

School Curriculum

Extra-Curriculum Activities

Extra - Curricular Activities

A range of school clubs are available in the school. A day is set aside for clubs, where pupils and staff share activities. Many departments run clubs associated with their subject; there are sports practice, music and drama rehearsals weekly. Special clubs follow up any enthusiasm shared by teachers and pupils and it does not matter whether your child wants to learn to juggle, play, and discus books or join the regular school club.

Music: a large number of pupils have lessons in a wide range of musical instrument, while others study specialist singing. The school choir is a fully fledged music club. Training and practise are done weekly

Drama: many opportunities exist for aspiring actors. In-house drama is usually run by pupils and they take part in speech and drama competitions for which they are coached in school. The expectation of excellence in speech drama gives pupils confidence and contribute to their self esteem and in their course.

Football, basket ball athletics/ sport: pupils with potentials are trained to represent Danbo in inter-schools competition. Pupils are always allowed to attend these games and other sports of the school.

Tender club: this is the club for the very junior pupils of the school. They have various activities that will help them to develop and enhance their confidence.

Creative/Art: our artists are left to do all the decorations of our school in their spare time. Most of the work extends to home production

Cultural Dance: groups of boys and girls are groomed for our cultural activities

Home Economics: these are the home makers; they are taught how to prepare a series of dishes and they prepare snacks for school's occasions.

Language: this is a club where all the international languages are reinforced and children learn to speak and write fluently. Presently we are only taking two languages, English and French.

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