School Curriculum

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Sunday, 20 October, 2019

School Curriculum

Our school curriculum is a balanced and broad based. It includes the requirement of the National curriculum and the standard currently accepted in international schools in Nigeria and all over the world. It prepares our pupils for the national common entrance examinations for Nigerian secondary schools or for 11+ examinations (or its equalivant).

National curriculum comprises of four core subjects; Mathematics, English,Science and Information Technology. Other foundation subjects are; Design and Technology, Geography, History, Art, Music, Physical Education, Home Economics, Social Studies, Health Education, Drama, Writing and Home Work.

Religious Education is also provided in accordance with the syllabus and requirement of the Federal Ministry of Education.

Personal Social Education(PSE) forms part of our curriculum throughout the school and it includes a developing awareness of potential dangers and it encourages children to be confident.

We have individual policies for every curriculum area. These are reviewed and updated regularly by members of staff who have a particular skill or interest.

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