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Sunday, 20 October, 2019


Information for Parents

Information for Parents


School uniform School meal
The school day Late collection
Attendance Walk Home alone policy
Lateness Complaints
Medical appointment Other activities
Parental help/ volunteer  

School Uniform

The school uniform is a mutt- grey and white. School uniforms for girls are pleated pinafore with a white blouse and a bow tie. Uniform for boys are trouser, shirt, bow tie and black belt. PE uniforms are in different colours to the house/clubs they belong to.
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All school uniforms, PE and sweaters are available in the school for sale. All students must wear a low healed and covered black shoe.
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The School Day

The school day starts at 7.25am. Assembly is held each day. There is a mid morning break for play and refreshments. Some children are served cooked food by the school on request during school meals. The school day finishes at 2.30pm when the children may be collected from the school assembly hall. Children who have not been collected by 3.00pm may be waiting for extra lessons or on late collection. Parents can have their children remain in the school for other activities. There is a policy for children leaving school to go home by themselves.
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Parents should endeavour to inform the school either by telephone, fax or email before 9.30am if their child is not attending school. If your child is absent from school and it is at all possible please send a note explaining the absence to the class teacher on the child's return.

We will contact you if your child is not in school and we do not have a reason for his/her absence. Parents are advised avoid booking holidays during the school term. Not more than one week of absence may be granted in any calendar year for children accompany parents on family holidays. A form requesting leave of absence must be obtained from the office at least two weeks before the holiday.
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Children arriving late after school starts at must report directly to the school office. Their presence on that day will be noted in the late book and they may be punished for coming late to school.
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Medical Appointment

Parents must send a note requesting permission for medical or dental appointment and include the relevant document or appointment card of the child to the school before collecting the child for such appointment.
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School Meal

You may see the head teacher if you like your child to be served school meals. A bill is charged for this service. There are two set of meals; mid-break meals which are light snacks, drinks, fruits and after school meals before extra lesson which is a full meal.

Lunch: Should you prefer your child to bring a packed lunch, please in the interest of safety do not send food and drinks in breakable containers.

Please inform the school if your child has any food allergies. Children are not allowed to bring sweets to school.
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Late Collection

School time is 7.25am to 2.30pm for children who are not in the extra lesson or school club. The school will not take responsibility for any child that is not collected by 3.00pm. Such parents will be surcharged after two chances. For the safety of our children extra hand services are engaged to take care of this sort of circumstance and they will have to be paid for complementing the safety of our children.
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Other Activities

Extra lessons; interested parents to see head teacher

  • After school club; interested parents to see head teacher
  • Training/practice; school call [school's responsibility]
  • Parents will be informed ahead of time if your child will be waiting for such training and practice.
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Walk Home Alone Policy

Under our policy, no child will be allowed to leave the school unless accompanied by an adult. Danbo international school is situated in a residential area of Barnawa and as such parents may wish that their child/children walk to school and back alone. For safety regulations such wishes will need to be entered and signed in our consent form, which can be collected from the head teacher.
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If parents have complaints about their child they should take the following actions:

  1. Speak with child's class teacher first and if this is not satisfactory;
  2. Speak with the head teacher and hopefully any issue which may arise can be sorted out at school but if however parents are still concerned they, may contact
  3. The school administrator, and if not still satisfied;

The chairman of board of governors or drop a letter in the suggestion box provided for the board of governing directors.
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Parental Help/Volunteer

Parents are very welcome to contribute to the work of the school. In the interest of security all helpers are expected to wear our school visitor badge when on such assignments. We are most grateful for your offers of help.
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